A trip to the supermarket

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

A man is at his local supermarket. He says to the lady behind the register, “I’d like to buy some dog food.”
The lady asks, “Do you have a dog?”
“Yes”, the man replies.
“Where is it?”
“He’s at home”
“Sorry, store policy means I have to see the dog”

The next day, the man returns.
“I’d like to buy some cat food,” the man says.
“Do you have a cat?”
“Well… where is he?”
“He’s at home”
“Sorry, I can’t sell this cat food to you unless I see your cat. Store policy”

The next day the man again returns, with a bag in his hand.
“What’s in the sack?” asks the lady.
“Put your hand inside.”
“Hmmm… It’s warm and moist… What is it?”
“I would like to buy some toilet paper”


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